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In our latest addition to our indepth look at regions in Cork City we head west of Ballyphehane and north of Togher to the famous Lough and its surrounding residential areas which has been mentioned previously.

For the lucky few living in this region The Lough is one of the hidden gems of Property  in Cork City and is in immediate proximity to areas close to Togher and to a lesser extent the Ballyphehane suburbs. The Lough is a 4-hectare freshwater limestone lake and bird sanctuary located southeast of the City centre and is one of Ireland’s oldest protected areas. It is teeming with wildlife, home to various species of fish notably carp and eel and the central island provides a safe haven for the numerous species of birds stocked in the Lough, in particular swans and various breeds of geese.

Attractions: For the residents of Cork city the Lough provides a welcome break from the busy life of a city.

The lake and the wildfowl provide many city dwellers with a chance to experience the great outdoors within a city. Two walking lanes and a lawn around the lake grant residents both human and animal a region to walk and play in. It is a perfect area to catch up on some exercise with these two walkways (inner and outer lanes separated by a grass area)  providing a good exercise route, be it a leisurely stroll taking in the wildlife as you go, taking your dog for a walk or an energetic jogging routine. There are also opportunities to relax on the grass areas with friends, read and take in the scenery or for fun, for small groups there is just enough space to kick a ball around on a summers’ day.

The main attraction in the Lough though is angling opportunities provided by the lake withit holding a large Carp, Rudd, Perch, Tench and Eel population.

The Lough is an ideal place to bring children giving them a firsthand experience of seeing wildlife at close quarters and a section is devoted to a kids play area where they can meet new friends and play on the slides while taking in the scenery.

Amenities: The Lough and surrounds is situated close to many amenities. Situated across from the Lough, stands the Hawthorn bar and restaurant, a spacious pub with an outdoor beer garden and a restaurant serving carvery lunch and meals throughout the day. Of the other amenities situated directly around the Lough in amongst the houses to note are a good butchers and a pet store for local pets and fishing bait. Closeby there is a shopping area with a large Supervalue store, a chemists, a chinese takeaway, bar restaurant and a video store.  Local hairdressers and convenience shops are very close to the regions around the lough and it has its own credit union.

The lough area borders on the Togher suburbs and thus the Lough is within easy reach of all the amenities that area has to offer. It is also within walking distance (5-10 minutes)of the Bandon street and Barrick street areas that hold a number of nice bars including Cissie Youngs on Bandon street and Tom Barrys on Barrick street and from there not too far from the centre.

Also within easy access to the Lough area is the grounds of UCC (University College Cork) and the amenities it has to offer being only a 5 minute walk away.

Being close to UCC offers residents a chance to avail of nightclasses and some of the facilities it offers it students in particular access to the Mardyke leisure complex. The proximity to the Togher and thus by extension the Ballyphehane and Turners Cross areas allows nearby residents the schooling options and sports clubs that these communities offer.

Location and Transport: Location wise the Lough is situated within easy reach of the city centre, about a 15 minute walk taking in either the Barrack street or St Finbarrs Cathedral areas and is just a 5 minute walk to UCC and its surrounds. The Ballyphehane and Togher areas are also within easy reach and the suburbs of Wilton and Bishopstown areas are less than 5 minute by car and within walking distance (bout 20 plus minutes).

Main bus routes: The area and surrounds is well served by bus routes such as the No.14 (Wilton –city centre to CUH) and indirectly the No.3 (Ballyphehane – city centre – Farranree).

The Lough and its residential areas is a lovely scenic area of Cork centrally located within walking distance of the city centre and the college grounds of UCC availing of all the amenities of its neighbouring suburbs of Togher and Ballyphehane and very close to the southwestern suburbs of Wilton and Bishopstown and thus the direct routes in and out of the city.

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