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Denis Barrett Auctioneers Cork City

Denis A. Barrett

Auctioneers & Property Consultants
81 South Mall
Cork City

Tel: (021) 4278455
Fax: (021) 4278522

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Property Legislation

Denis A Barrett Auctioneers & Property Consultants have been called on to facilitate, advise and value property in relation to family law cases. This is a result of the reputation it has built up for its exceptional handling of these sensitive situations and its management of arbitrary situations. The valuations presented by the firm have been accepted by the Courts and seen as comprehensive valuations reflecting true value of the properties in question.


In addition to being retained by the legal profession in relation to family law cases, the firm is continuously being engaged by clients to advise and facilitate under other legislative acts such as advising both private clients and giving court opinions on different aspects of the “Planning & Development Act” 2001, including the 2009 Amendments. The firm has represented clients in compulsory order cases initiated by bodies such as Bord Gais, Cork County Council and the ESB, successfully attaining a resolution agreeable to all parties. It has conducted auctions on properties where “Site Dereliction Orders” have been issued and overseen that all rights have been safeguarded whist ensuring full compliance to the “Derelict Sites Act” 1990.

The firms has acted as arbitrator in dispute cases between Landlords & Tenants under “The Residential Tenancies Act” 2004 and have provided opinions and valuations on ground rents to the courts subject to “The Landlord & Tenant (Ground Rent’s) Act” 2005.

Denis Barrett the Managing Director is considered an expert witness on issues relating to:


  • Leasehold Values
  • Rental yields from both commercial and residential properties/property portfolios
  • Development potential and issues relating to same such as the most saleable planning permission that should be sought for a site
  • Expert opinion in relation to maximising returns from properties either via development, agricultural uses or part/multi parcel selling in order to reduce borrowing but maintain viability of the property asset as a whole.