Farm to Farm – Daily Marketplace Livestock Marketing “The DAB Livestock Auction Hub Way”  begins with a visit from your DAB Livestock Auction Hub representative. The representative views the cattle in their natural surroundings and completes a consignment contract that describes the cattle and the terms and conditions of the sale (WE HAVE FORMULATED A STANDARDISED DISCRETPTION / CATIGORISIATION DOCUMENT – DOWNLOAD HERE). The representative also photographs a fair representation of the cattle with a video camera.

The consignment contract along with photos and videos are submitted to Laurelcrest House, the Hub’s head office where the information is entered into a computer database and a catalogue is prepared. The animals can be viewed online once uploaded and the listings can be viewed/bid on at any time.


After the cattle are sold. Following the auction, the DAB Livestock Auction Hub representative contacts all parties to arrange the delivery.

On the day of delivery, the DAB Livestock Auction Hub representative is present to oversee the sorting and loading of the cattle.

The cattle are shipped directly from the seller’s farm or holding to the buyer’s destination, which greatly reduces stress and potential health problems.

From the time the DAB Livestock Auction Hub representative completes the consignment contract with the seller until the time the cattle are loaded onto the buyer’s truck, personal hands-on attention is given to make sure the sales contract is followed completely.

How DAB Livestock Auction Hub Works – Daily Marketplace,  This is DAB Livestock Auction Hub’s newest way to buy cattle!

Registration is free, but you must become a member of to sign up.

Becoming a member is easy – just go to the homepage of and follow the out-lined steps to get started. Input your information and select a username and password. You will receive an e-mail confirming you are a member. From that point forward you just have to sign in and select the sale you would like to register for. 

To best understand the variety of the auctions Denis A. Barrett Auctions, cater for, please take a look at our auction calendar which details the names and dates of all our sales and will advise you on how you can request or download a catalogue.

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