Denis A. Barrett Auctions are specialist auctioneers with a rich history of conducting auctions. For over two decades we have worked with people all over the world to help them realize the best price for everything from their livestock to their home.

We specialize in Elite Pedigree / Commercial Livestock, Draft and Dispersal offsite auction’s. Award winning Lead Auctioneer Denis Barrett is Constantly referred to as “vibrant master auctioneer”. 

Working with farmers and land owners means we operate regular machinery auctions from utilizing a retired machinery trader’s premises. Our reputation locally has also gained us the trust of local land owners to carry out sales on their land including dispersal sales, standing straw, grass and silage sales.

Amongst the most popular and well attended of our sales are the property and land auctions which are operated Hotel Ballrooms in the major urban centers. These auctions happen regular intervals throughout the year and can include everything from small pieces of amenity land to commercial properties, residential houses, development opportunities and larger pieces of land.

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Our Corporate Services department has national recognition and carries out a wide variety of surplus stock and collective specialist asset auctions every year. If you need help understanding the value of an asset, we have a global network of partners coupled to assist in the valuation of any asset class. To find out more about our fine art sales and the services we offer just go to Corporate Services page:

To best understand the variety of the auctions Denis A. Barrett Auctions, cater for, please take a look at our auction calendar which details the names and dates of all our sales and will advise you on how you can request or download a catalogue.

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