Who We Are?

Denis A. Barrett Group was born in 2009, from a company that was started in 2003 and comprises a collection of unique companies that share important values and outlooks on how to do business in Ireland, Europe and further afield.

What We Do?

The companies within the Denis A. Barrett Group share one thing in common. They provide expert services to those with the prized assets to sell. The range and type of services, however, are extraordinarily broad. From commercial property to residential property, From Purebred Livestock to Thoroughbred Bloodstock, From Agricultural Land to Development & consulting and advising on maximizing same,  to technological services, members of the Denis A. Barrett Auction Group advise, promote, curate, assist and innovate.

Why We Do It?

From the initial inspection to auctions, from sales and valuations to online technology, one thing remains consistent – a love of the Auction Method of Marketing of our beliefs that it is the preeminent way to sell all asset classes. To be able to assist and advise those who share this passion for their assets, is what drives all those who work for the group. We thrive on partnering with those who share our vision for a marketplace founded on ease of access, transparency, information and, above all, integrity.


Denis Barrett Group is a widely recognised and trusted company, synonymous with quality and professionalism. Offering a unique regional network, strong national and international connections and a global audience. We act for clients in various sectors including property, agriculture, equine and furniture. We are Ireland’s premier auction team!

The owner and Managing Director, Denis Barrett, has competed in the International Auctioneers Competition for many years now. Denis has attended numerous auctioneer courses over the years thus delivering the most effective up to date method of selling for real estate and other asset classes.

The firm has an unwavering passion for the Public Auction Method of Marketing. It is the firm’s belief that it is the pre-eminent method of marketing to ascertain the true Market Value of an item on any given day when aligned with carefully planned marketing strategies.

We work extremely closely with a marketing specialist who devises our marketing strategies and tactical plans for each auction thus ensuring we are capturing and targeting all relevant customers.

The firm strives at offering its clients the most up to date services at every given opportunity and is now delighted to be in a position to offer clients a fully integrated website which is the first of its kind in Ireland. This site offers clients the opportunity to participate whether as buyers or sellers.

As Ireland’s premier auction team puts you the customer first. We tailor our selling strategy to your property and use various methods of marketing to realise the true potential on your asset. This coupled with the most cutting-edge auction technologies and marketing strategies from around the globe, ensure your properties receive their maximum value.

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Our Mission & Values:

Our Vision:

Our vision is to create, a Free, Open and Transparent Property Market with True Price Determination through Public Auction.

Our Mission:

To help every individual, company organisation or non-profit to create liquidity from the sale of their asset by working with all affected and relevant parties to bring about a mutually beneficial resolution which assists realistic assessment of true negotiation positions for all parties.

We aim to be the Number 1 Auction Provider to all vendors, by creating a unified Market Plan with True Price Determination achieved by the clear and transparent sales procedure which can only be achieved by Auction, and this process of transparency will also benefit the purchasers.

Denis A. Barrett Auction Group is dedicated to the Customer service and client satisfaction. We through our different divisions offer a full spectrum of services to serve our wide array of clients.

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