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Denis A. Barrett Auctions are specialist auctioneers with a rich history of conducting auctions. For over two decades we have worked with people all over the world to help them realize the best price for their livestock.

We specialize in Elite Pedigree / Commercial Livestock, Draft and Dispersal offsite auction’s. Award-winning Lead Auctioneer Denis Barrett is Constantly referred to as “vibrant master auctioneer”. 

In 2013, DAB Livestock Auction Hub introduced online video marketing to the nation’s livestock industry and forever changed the way cattle are marketed. DAB Livestock Auction Hub is well respected as a leader in industry innovation and the use of state-of-the-art technologies.

Since then we have grown slowly, changing and enhancing the way livestock has been marketed, and in 2020 with due to the COVID 19 Pandiminic, we were at the heart of the solution for pedigree breeders.

And now we have multiple representatives across the Island of Ireland, The UK and Europe, DAB Livestock Auction Hub provides a full-service, nationally and internationally positioned cattle marketing solution that serves both buyers and sellers.

Sellers have the opportunity to market cattle to a base of over 8,000 active buyers.

Each lot is filmed in its current domestic location and uploaded to DAB Livestock Auction Hub’s website. Then using the most accurate form of price discovery available: competitive bidding from multiple local, regional. national and international buyers.

The strength of DAB Livestock Auction Hub’s national  & international presence exposes prices without regard to local climate conditions or demand. 

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DAB Livestock Auction Hub conducts video auctions broadcast on the internet, and on our 24/7 internet auction listing, “The Daily Marketplace” These options provide an opportunity for both buyers and sellers to take advantage of current market conditions.

The success and growth of DAB Livestock Auction Hub is the result of its reputation for honesty and integrity, its qualified and professional staff and representatives, satisfied customers, its leadership role in industry innovations and its goal to be the best, most complete livestock marketing service in the industry.

To best understand the variety of the auctions Denis A. Barrett Auctions, cater for, please take a look at our auction calendar which details the names and dates of all our sales and will advise you on how you can request or download a catalogue.

DAB Livestock Auction Hub: Ireland’s leader in Online Livestock Auctions & Marketing.

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Call:    +353 (0) 21 245 5310

Email: info@denisbarrett.com

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