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Whether your company is big or small, or you have one dozer of a fleet of trucks – you can sell with We’ve been conducting live unreserved public auctions since 1998 and are recognised around the world as a leading industrial heavy plant & machinery, property and livestock auctioneer – helping thousands of sellers around the world every year.

6 facts about our auctions

1. We sell stock for every industry.

We sell more used stock than any other company, and a lot of it is traditional agricultural machinery and stock. But we also sell thousands of items used in other sectors – as well as farmland, development land, forestry, house and livestock.

If you can see it – we can sell it for you.

2. We conduct both live & Online Only Reserved & Unreserved public auctions.

We conduct live reserved & unreserved public auctions with both on-site and online bidding. Every Denis A. Barrett Auctions & auction is strictly treated separately.

Most auction handled through Denis A. Barrett Auctions being are “On the Market” Auctions, which means that the item is only sold to the highest bidder, but the vendor has the final Yes/No say on the “Price Achieved” on the fall of the Hammer. 

But most auction handled through Auctions being unreserved. That means there are no minimum bids or reserve prices, and every item is sold to the highest bidder on auction day.

Unreserved auctions are better for buyers, and sellers:

  • Attracts more bidders
  • Creates global fair market value
  • Gives interested buyers confidence
  • Creates more competition for stock.
  • Results in better returns
  • Delivers certainty of sale

3. We used technology before anyone else.

Denis A. Barrett Auctions and have been using online bidding technology since 2004 and has been using online bidding for all our purebred livestock sales since 2013. – traditional, online or the best of both.

4. We help companies of all sizes.

Denis A. Barrett Auctions and can help you sell one or 100 pieces of stock. We help companies of all sizes and we treat every customer equally – from one-person owner-operators to large multinationals.

5. Auctions are the first choice for many sellers.

Most Denis A. Barrett Auctions and customers represent ongoing, thriving businesses – they sell at our auctions when they need to renew there stock items or fleets or when they switch the focus of their business.

6. We have operated around the world.

Denis A. Barrett Auctions and Auctions, through there founder Denis Barrett has conducted auctions, all around the world – including Ireland and the UK, mainland Europe, the Middle East, China, The Philphinesndia and Kuwait. We also conduct auctions on farms, on site, or we’ll lease a piece of property for your auction.

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