Solutions for the current situation REGARDING COVID-19

With the uncertainty of being able to conduct Livestock, Sheep & Equine Sales of Breeding Stock, we are endeavouring to find a successful solution for both buyers and sellers. We will be offering Online “Live Virtual Auction” and On-Line ‘Timed Auction’ services to breeders for all types of livestock, Sheep & Equine.  

We have been using Live Online Bidding for all our Livestock Sales since 2013 and our online bidding platform and/or pre-bidding platform will now be available for all our auctions.

We have solutions available for individual Breeders with one animal to sell or Multiple animals to sell, Production Sales / Reduction Sales. We also have solutions for Breed, Sheep and Equine Associations.

Our Online Auction System has been utilized in live Auctions to sell animals to Mainland Europe and even early this year in conjunction with Irish Limousin Society at the March premier Sale where we sold a number of animals online, but more importantly / significantly raised the prices of a large number of other animals, to attain current Market values.

Our secure online bidding and the pre-bidding platform allow you to bid online at all our auctions. Registration is easy and we are here to assist you with the process. We have finalized a Brief Explanatory Guide to Online Virtual & Timed auctions, (follow the link for more information) for buyers and sellers explaining the procedure of how this new system of marketing livestock will operate.  

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