Special/Surplus Stock

Denis A. Barrett Auctions are specialist auctioneers with a rich history of conducting auctions. Over almost two decades we have worked with the people all over the world to help them realize the best price for everything from their livestock to their home.

Denis Barrett the company’s founder is recognized as around the world and is contracted to Conduct public Auctions, with Euro Auctions, around Europe and the Middle East, also with UAI Auctioneers inc.in Subic Bay the Philippines and is Lead Auctioneer for KCA Auctions in Kuwait. Denis is an Award Winning Lead Auctioneer, Constantly referred to as “vibrant master auctioneer”. 

Due to our global network and reputation, we have become the go-to team as a Corporate Services supplied helping business create liquidity out of surplus assets. Through this department, we carry out a wide variety of surplus stock and collective specialist asset auctions every year.

If you need help understanding the value of an asset, we have a global network of partners coup to assist in the valuation of any asset class.

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Denis A. Barrett Auction Group is dedicated to the Customer service and client satisfaction. We through our different divisions offer a full spectrum of services to serve our wide array of clients.

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