Delicia Philanthropic is our Benefits Consulting & Auction Division

Delicia Philanthropic is the Benefits Consulting & Auction Division of the Denis A. Barrett Auction Group. This is where we give back through ensuring the organisations we work for generate as much Revenue as possible to ensure fund there needs and desires.

Are you ready to raise more for your non-profit? 

See how Delicia Philanthropic Services can help you!

We can offer advice and support at any stage but find that the earlier we are involved the greater benefit we can be.


When holding an Event that requires an Auctioneer you can sometimes strike gold with the assistance of well-meaning individuals but remember, you only get one shot, your reputation is on the line and to be frank ‘sometimes’ is never worth the gamble.

With over 22 years’ experience in this field, let me take the uncertainty and worry from your shoulders and leave you to enjoy a successful Auction. If you need someone to stand up in a crowded room and extract money (in the nicest possible way) from the assembled throng…Denis Barrett is your man.”

Denis Barrett, a vibrant auction professional, thrives off of the clients and charities he supports, the audience and the thrill of fundraising. Denis is a dynamic man whose passion is living life to the very fullest and providing positivity to everyone he meets. His interest in fundraising began at an early age and has continued to flourish throughout his professional career.

A graduate of the World Wide College of Auctioneering, Denis has made his love of talking about anything and everything, a fully realized profession. Passionate about each client and charity he works with, he will provide unsurpassed service and knowledge of the items and the organizations.

Constantly referred to as “vibrant” and a true entertainer, Denis lights up the crowd with his positive energy, his accuracy and his ability to keep the audience whether large or small, completely engaged.  


  • At Delicia we love what we do and we do it well!
  • Delicia conducts benefit auctions of all types – including online.
  • Delicia makes your auctions fun!
  • Delicia believes in the value of fundraising auctions.
  • Delicia honours your organization and represents it professionally.
  • Delicia conducts themselves as professionals.
  • Delicia participates in continuing education.

As a professional fundraising auctioneer Denis generates more revenue as well as makes the evening enjoyable and memorable for your guests.

Let him help you make your next auction the most profitable ever!

Benefit Auction Consulting:

Your planning should be devoted to your non-profit. Let us show you how we handle the rest.


If you’re asking yourself “Where do we start?”

It’s right here.

Planning a fundraising benefit or charity silent auction can be overwhelming, and it’s easy to get barely into organizing before you feel like you’re juggling more than an octopus could handle. Sound familiar? Maybe not the octopus part, but the rest?

Fortunately, there’s someone out there that can take the stress of planning a fundraising auction off your shoulders, and you’ve found them. Delicia is more than a fundraising auctioneer or an charity benefit event planner, but also a resource. We combine the best of both live and silent auctions and fundraising event planning to create high end events and an environment that leaves your guests excited to support your cause every year.

Fundraising Auction Night

With the knowledge of how to create your charity benefits’ guest list, train your volunteers and connect with the most generous donors. Delicia provides award-winning fundraising auctioneers and assistants to entertain your guests for the entire charity benefit. This is where we could say something like we put the FUN in fundraising, but we’ll refrain, because that might be cheesy. Instead, we’ll just promise to charm and entertain your guests, using our strategic skill to set the mood for the most generous donations.

Hire Delicia for your next auction We’d love to work with you.


We are Delicia, your initial consultation is free. Fundraising can sometimes seem confusing, even scary… but it doesn’t need to be. Contact the Delicia team to meet with you and discuss your event and specific needs. You will learn how our services will help you reach your goals.

Don’t do it alone – take advantage of Delicia’s experience and expertise. They will make your event run smoothly and increase your bottom line.

When you hire Delicia to conduct your fund-raising auction, you will receive extensive pre-auction consulting. Whether your event is a new endeavor or a community tradition, they work with you to maximize your event’s income potential while ensuring an entertaining, fun, and exciting event.

You can expect creative solutions to the challenges your planning committee faces. Your organization will receive guidance from initial planning through post event wrap-up. They work exclusively with associations, foundations, charities and other non-profit organizations. They work with you to ensure your next auction is the most successful ever!

It takes between 6 to 12 months of hard work and planning to put on a successful benefit auction. Doesn’t it make sense to hire a professional benefit auction team to assist you with planning the event and conducting the live auction?

Many organizations work an entire year to create one magical evening. They obtain fantastic auction items, persuade prominent people to attend their event and then turn the evening over to someone who is not qualified to conduct the auction.

Don’t make this mistake!! Your organization – and the clients it serves – depend on the success of your auction. Don’t wait until the last minute to contact the Delicia team! The timing, structure, and flow of your event are extremely crucial. Every event walks the tightrope between a “party” and a “fund-raiser.” Striking the right balance ensures your guests enjoy themselves while you generate the Euro’s your organization needs.

Consulting Areas:

  • Auction planning calendar/timelines
  • Developing your theme
  • Auction venue and how much space do you need for your event
  • Correct number of live & silent auction items
  • Auction games and other revenue-enhancing ideas
  • Item acquisition ideas- what sells – acquisition party – wow-factor items
  • Audience development
  • Silent auction
  • Items
  • Display
  • Space needed
  • Proper closing time and order
  • Big board
  • Room setup

Additional Services:


They offer unique challenges since the goal is not simply to sell items but also to get the audience excited about the mission of your organization. We inspire the audience so they bid high and bid often!

Picking the right team to motivate your guests to open their checkbooks will pay for itself! As professional auctioneers, we will generate more revenue, communicate your mission, and make the evening more enjoyable for your guests. Organizations believe they will save money by using a volunteer or a local celebrity to run the auction. While using a volunteer rather than a paid auctioneer may seem like a less costly option, your organization will lose revenue. Novices leave money on the table because they are not able to maximize bidding.

Similarly, Delicia also provides professional ring men (Auctioneer Assistants) instead of relying on volunteers. Professional ring men are trained on how to properly assist and communicate with your guests during the live auction. They are auction stimulators and are valuable members of the auction team. They know how to entice the guest to bid a few more times on an item which greatly increases the money raised during the live auction. For these reasons, the contributions made by professional ring men at a benefit auction are more valuable to the fundraising efforts than a volunteer staff of bid spotters at your event.

Delicia staff are effective auctioneers and ring men. We understand the fundraising environment better than a volunteer or celebrity.

If you want to take your fundraising to another level, consider adding an online auction to the live event.

Online Bidding:

Benefits of adding an online auction to your event!

When you add an online auction to your live event, you can advertise the event, honor your sponsors, and take absentee bids weeks before your gala – thus increasing awareness of your organization and raising more money! Most bidders consider their online auction purchases outside their usual yearly giving.

Online fundraising auctions benefit charities, bidders, and sponsors:

• Nonprofits/Charities benefit because they reach a broader audience, raising more money and awareness for your cause.

• Bidders benefit by being able to bid and purchase items at their convenience while, at the same time, supporting their favorite causes. The online auction connects them to your auction even if they cannot attend your party!

• Sponsors benefit by advertising on your site. An online auction generates a lot of traffic to the website and companies benefit from the positive online exposure.

Online Only Events

If your organization lacks the resources it needs to hold a gala event, consider an online-only auction. Conducting an online auction with Delicia can be a stand-alone fundraising mechanism that brings in buyers from all over the globe and educates a broad audience about your cause.

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