Off-Site Auction

Let us bring the auction to you…

This is one of our specialities.

If you’re not happy to hold the auction on your premises, any don’t want to put into our permanent auction site, no problem, we can lease a property suitable for type off stock. Nothing is a problem and we are experts at finding workable solutions for you.

We handle it all from start to finish.  Whether you are having a Retirement, Insolvency or Cessation of Trading Auction, we can tailor a solution suitable to your needs.

Benefits of Off-Site Auction Service:

  • Worldwide advertising of your stock. in a range of mediums including trade publications, magazines, newspapers, web portals, trade websites as well as auction brochures sent to our extensive mailing list of customers around the world.
  • A professional Auction service including Auctioneers, Bid Catchers, Administration Staff, Auction Catalogue and Free Internet Bidding.
  • All your stock sold in a short period of time.
  • Saving transportation costs as your machines do not have to be transported to the yard.

If you are interested in selling your stock using Off-Site Service
call +353 (0)86 410 9848.

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